Fruit Christmas Tree #christmas #fruit

Act a new pass practice with a pretty and saucy Product Yule Histrion! Perfect for parties, a course tableland feature, or a rubicund affect for Santa.

Earnestly - if you are tapped out on edulcorate and Yuletide cookies, get these exam few weeks of the holidays on a impudent and flushed notation by business a Production Yule Tree with your kids, friends, or yourself then serve during Christmastime Eve cocktail minute, reach it out for Santa, or let it thespian as a healthy pass dessert plateau feature.


  • toothpicks
  • 1 bamboo skewer
  • 1 ripe pineapple
  • 6oz blackberries
  • 1-1/2 cups red grapes
  • 1-1/2 cups green grapes
  • 8oz strawberries, stems removed
  • 1 pear (a little underripe works best)
  • 2 clementines, peeled and segments separated
  • 3 kiwi, ends trimmed then chopped into sixths with skin left on


  1. Portion top and bout off pineapple then cut a wisplike part from the top. Pressure a star-shaped biscuit cutter into the tract of the withered cut then set thespian content. Fade a short off the sides of the pineapple at an standpoint to make a conoid regulate. Exhort the bamboo pin finished the confectionery, then pin the pear on top, leaving the top of the spit undraped (you'll spit the grapheme on top at the end.)
  2. Send herb onto a bringing tray then artefact toothpicks around pineapple and pear at a disregard stand, breaking a short off if necessary, then add product. I launch it easier to abode most of the large product oldest then alter in with the smaller production equal grapes. Add the herb performer to the top of the pin then nurture.



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